The real question is why am I still awake?

04:45 and I’ve just used the bathroom to get ready for bed.

Most people would assume that I had been out drinking all night but no, I sat in with my housemates. We watched How to Train Your Dragon, The Inbetweeners and then Gogglebox. We chatted about our life and other people and had a really lovely time. It’s going to be so weird when we move out at the end of the first year here and we don’t live as a 12 anymore but I’m looking forward to house hunting!

This week has been the first week that it has actually hit me that the workload is really difficult and probably the first week I’ve properly struggled. I’m guessing it’s normal and from speaking to other people they are also finding it hard but it’s just been bit of a shock to the system after spending so long being comfortable with my teachers to just sit them down and explain what I’m understanding.

In other news, I ordered my shopping from Asda and most of my basket is full with tonic, pears, apples and soothers for my throat. I also have 10 yoghurts and many, many ready meals. That’s the most only productive thing I’ve done all day apart from update some of my housemates on pretty much my entire life. I love how when you meet new people they are actually interested in what has happened in your life and you don’t feel like you’re talking too much. I have a few people here that I really get on with and it was such a relief knowing that I wasn’t going to be on my own for the whole year. I love how even though we’re 4 weeks in I’m still learning more and more out about the people I live with and there’s still phrases that people are confused about. Regional language barriers are one of the most entertaining things that I’ve encountered at uni especially where I’m from Essex and most things I say people are like sorry…what was that? Most of the time it’s because I apparently speak waaaaay too fast but other times they genuinely just have no idea what my phrasing means.

I’m visiting home for Halloween so I’m excited for that but I’m even more excited that Sarah’s coming to visit the day before I come home. I can introduce her to the housemates (that aren’t going home for reading week/Halloween) and I can show her around and it’s going to be really fun!

I faced a few adult problems this week that I feel the need to share with everyone. First of all I was grouped in one of my seminars with two people that are exactly like me and didn’t want to share their ideas. So you’ll all be pleased to hear that I rose to the challenge and contributed. I’d like to publicly apologise to everyone who has ever been grouped with me for absolutely anything in school/sixth form/life because I now know how it feels. The second grown up problem happened when I was on my way back from the aforementioned awkward seminar and I had my coat on and I tried to zip it up but the zip got stuck. I walked all the way back through campus (which was a good 10 minute walk) by myself with my coat half done up because I couldn’t fix it myself. Luckily Alma offered to help when I got back because without her I probably would still be stuck in that coat 4 days later…

I received a letter from Florence today which I absolutely loved (as did my housemates). She spelt Scarlett ‘Scalitt’ and told me she loves me ‘sow’ much and it was possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see my family and friends in two weeks time. The countdown begins!

It’s probably time to sleep now but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has either liked my shared post on Facebook or vocally told me that they enjoyed my first post. If you’re not a writer yourself you probably don’t realise but even just a comment to say that you enjoyed reading is a big deal so I wanted to say thank you guys!

Unless anybody has anything they specifically want me to write about I’ll continue just waffling on about anything uni related that comes to mind.

Love as always,

Abi x

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