Pizza Party and Takeaway Tuesday

After hearing more positive comments from people I’ve become a lot more excited to write this next post. I can’t stress enough how much confidence is gained when people genuinely enjoy your writing and ask when the next post is coming!

This week I have taken the opportunity to catch up with my friends at home. It’s difficult having a busy schedule, completing independent work, finding the time to eat and sleep as well as keeping up with friends who I don’t see every day. But I made the effort this week and I’ve found it to be really rewarding. When I listen to people for 10 minutes and let them talk about how their day has been I feel good about myself. Not only am I interested in how their lives are going, I also can tell that they’re genuinely glad that somebody has asked. If you do one thing today, ask somebody how their day has been!

I attended a Pizza Party on Monday evening hosted by UKC Feminist Society (or FemSoc for short). It was a Monday evening and I wasn’t really feeling up to socialising, I had lots of work to do for Tuesday and I didn’t really know anybody that was going. But a few of my housemates came with me and I really enjoyed myself! The quiz was good, the pizza was lovely and the conversation was even better! I met some new people and said hello to some I already knew, and despite feeling guilty about the reading that was sat on my desk back in my room, I had a really fun evening. If anybody is reading this that goes to UKC and is interested in Feminism do come along to our meetings – it’s worth a try, right?

Takeaway Tuesday was reestablished this week as we had an Indian! It may be a shock to some but a reassurance that I’ll never change to others, but I’ve never had Indian takeaway before so it was a new experience for me. After spending at least 15 minutes asking Meg and Emilie what ingredients all of the dishes had in them, and deciding that coconut probably wasn’t the best idea, I chose a wrap and some rice. I’m sure my house must think that I have lived in a cave for most of my life but honestly, I just prefer plain food and sticking to what I know! This happened a few weeks ago when they tried to explain to me what an aga (sp?) oven is. Shocked and confused faced I was shown photo after photo of what it is so I feel like I am well-educated now!

Meg, Emilie, Me, Tom & Alma!

The picture is from Wednesday evening when we decided to have an impromptu night out. I keep forgetting that I’ve only known them for not even 5 weeks as I talk to them as if I’ve known them a life time. Hopefully I can get a picture of everyone in our house when everyone is back from reading week!

Once again this has been me babbling about absolutely nothing but hopefully someone has a topic for me to talk about for the next post. Just let me know and I can babble about that instead!

Just before I go I need you to all listen to my best friend Sophie’s radio show tomorrow afternoon from 3-4pm on Junction 11! – 

Love as always,
Abi x

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