On the train update…

I’m writing this on the train on the way back to uni after a lovely weekend of being at home. I surprised my mum and my younger siblings very successfully. It was a strange feeling being back at home as I missed the homeliness of my family’s company but then I started to miss being at uni.

During this weekend I saw Georgia and Jasmin, two close friends of mine from home. Catching up with them both in person was much more rewarding than chatting with them over text or even over the phone. I think we take for granted seeing people in real life. I only realised this when I couldn’t see my friends and family every day when moving to Canterbury for uni.

Another thing I think everybody takes for granted is comfortably sitting in silence with family. After just over a month with my uni housemates, I think we have reached this stage where we don’t need constant conversation to feel comfortable around each other but nothing beats sitting in the living room at home with background noise and nothing else. I even missed making my parents coffee (even if I was a bit rusty)…

I’m meeting Tom at the station in Canterbury and we’re going to walk back to Uni. If anybody isn’t familiar with the hill in Canterbury, count yourself lucky. It’s a mission trying to get up it when you’ve had a proper night’s sleep and leg training for it, never mind when you haven’t done any walking over the weekend and had hardly any sleep the night before.

After asking for suggestions on what to write about, and getting the topic of ‘Jasmin’ from Jasmin, I received a suggestion to talk about accommodation and how different it is compared with living at home. First of all, buy brown bread because nobody ever wants it so they won’t steal it. Luckily my house is pretty good at keeping to their own food but I can imagine others aren’t so lucky. Room-wise I’m also quite lucky because I get on with the people on my floor. There are four of us and all three of them are very friendly. I don’t really see all of my housemates a lot as they are out at lectures, out for fun or they stay in their rooms to study but the ones I do spend a lot of time with I enjoy their company. The one piece of advice I’d give is to make an effort. If you don’t make an effort with the people you live with they will eventually stop making an effort with you. It’s easy to make friends at uni but if you hide away from people they won’t pluck you out of your room and ask you to spend time with them. Make an effort and you’ll be a lot happier. 🙂

I have an assignment due Thursday for philosophy that needs to be done so I suppose I’ll switch to doing that instead of writing a blogpost…

Love as always,

Abi x

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