Halloween, Sarah’s Visit and Fifth Harmony

Hi guys!

I’m home once again and have just returned from a trip to the cafe and the library. Yesterday I went to a local restaurant called Pipe Major; good food and quality banter (I promise I say this in a jokey way and I don’t actually talk like this). It’s the first time we’ve been back together as a group since our goodbye drinks in London, safe to say nothing’s changed. Jasmin still cackles and Kirsty still rolls her eyes.

So I’m home again after my surprise visit the previous weekend but before I left to come home Sarah came to visit. It was so lovely to see her and hopefully I was a satisfactory host! We went into town (is this is acceptable even though Canterbury is a city?) and decided to go to Cuban (which, by the way, is so expensi12074870_10153090410201746_7369240115391053139_nve). It’s lovely inside and the difference in music depending on which room you go in was my favourite part, mainly because I enjoyed all of the different types of music. We travelled back home together as I came back for Halloween.

We had a party for Florence where her friends came round and played Halloween-based games. They all dressed up and looked super cute, and though there was a drinks fountain incident, it was quickly sorted out. My aunt and cousin dropped in for a little while so it was really good to be able to see them after so long. After the party ended I went out with my friends and my dad painted my face for me. I had a really lovely night and it was good to catch up with friends that I haven’t seen for a while.IMG_5116

On Tuesday, I went to Shepherds Bush to see Fifth Harmony with Sophie and Ellie. They were so so good live, and even better than when I saw t
hem at the Summertime Ball. Sophie hyperventilated, cried and nearly threw up with excitement so it was safe to say I was chief photo/video taker for the evening. They really were incredible though and the atmosphere was like nothing I’ve seen before.

I had a blood test yesterday, which was a new experience for me. I was expecting it to hurt a lot more! I learned that I’m probably allergic to surgical tape and my weird hatred for cotton wool hasn’t disappeared. My appointment was at 8:30am and I was totally done by 8:55am. This meant I had time to get a Costa hot chocolate before my dad came to pick me up. THEY ALREADY ARE SELLING THEIR HOT DRINKS IN CHRISTMAS CUPS AND I GOT A PENGUIN ONE! Safe to say, the hot chocolate tasted a lot better in a penguin Costa cup.

I’m going back soon. I’ve missed my housemates so much but I know when I get there I’m going to miss my family and friends here. I’ve missed Emilie’s overuse of the word ‘banter’ and her (probably excessively) regular glasses of wine. I actually missed Meg’s birthday but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MEG. I miss Alma and her fabs and I miss Tom and our poptart taster days. I’ve only been gone for 6 days and I feel like I haven’t seen them in about 6 months.12096024_10153090334091746_2236087359590113644_n

I once again have an assignment due so off I go to complete that.

Love as always,

Abi (or Abu as my housemates like to call me) x

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