Missing Home and Thinking of Paris

After watching a shameful amount of episodes of The L Word and Holby City, I’ve resurfaced to write another post to update you guys on what’s happened to me over the past week.

So when I said I was coming home soon, I meant last Thursday or Friday. However, I somehow caught a sickness bug and was stuck at home for a few more days than I expected. My dad dropped me back to uni and all was well again. Although I should have come back a lot sooner, I’m glad I got to spend so much time with my family at home and seeing my friends was lovely.

Sophie’s birthday present has been ordered and that means that Operation Birthday has begun for her and my dad who have the same birthday. We’re going to the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the British Library next Friday and I’m so excited not only because we’re complete losers, but also because I get to see all of my friends again. I need to get a move on and order/go and get more presents because I have two secret santa presents to buy as well as Georgia’s birthday present!

Quite a few people have gone home for the weekend now so it’s pretty lonely in the house again but last night we had a cute film night! Emilie, Alma, Vicky and I watched ‘What If?’ which stars Daniel Radcliffe. I’ve seen the film before but I loved rewatching it with the girls. It’s a RomCom so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s witty and clever and really cute in places. Spending time with my housemates is one of my favourite things to do and I don’t think I’d be enjoying uni half as much if I didn’t have them.

Storm Abigail is a big thing that’s happened this week in the UK and here’s the link if you didn’t know about it!


The topic I want to talk about in this post is being homesick when you’re at university. I personally get really homesick sometimes but other people don’t and that’s fine. I call and message my parents and Lewis but the younger ones obviously can only say so much on FaceTime before getting bored. I miss the bustle of my family house back at home and how the little ones will say something funny and completely incomprehensible. But that’s natural and all part of growing up and becoming an adult. I now cherish the times that I can go home and see them, and I don’t take for granted the time I have there like I probably did before. If you feel homesick though, it’s not always a good idea to visit home. Some people find it to actually make them worse because they get used to being at home again. Make sure that if you’re at uni, you’re feeling homesick and you want to go home that you get a return train ticket, or have a journey planned to get back to university. Another tip is to make plans for when you get back! If you have good friends in your uni house/halls then you’re bound to feel a lot better about being away from home so make good friends!

I didn’t want this blog to be political and serious, I just wanted it to be lighthearted and news about what’s going on in my little world. However, it wouldn’t feel right posting this whilst everything is going on not so far away in Paris. My thoughts are with those affected and my heart feels so lucky but also sad knowing I’ll wake up in my uni bed to a warm and happy life but others aren’t going to be so lucky.


Sorry to end on such a negative note but the reality is that it’s happening and we need to face up to it. Hopefully next week I won’t have such a harrowing news story to report and I can just tell you about something happy.

Love as always,
Abi x

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