Allergic reactions & Justin Bieber!

12 days later and I’m back to update everyone!

I got a 2:1 in my first Philosophy assignment which I’m super happy about! I have another one due next week which I’m actually quite excited to plan and write. I hope if you’re a uni student you’re not too stressed as this is quite a stressful time of the year with deadlines and maybe even exams coming up. Sending concentration vibes to everybody and hoping you have the motivation to get you through until Christmas.

I went to see the Christmas lights being turned on last Thursday with my uni pals. We were squished and standing way too close together for it to be comfortable yet it was still a cute trip into the centre and I definitely felt more Christmassy afterwards! It was also my dad and my best friend’s birthday last Thursday so a huge Happy Birthday to them!

On Friday night I went to the British Library with my friends for Sophie’s birthday. We went to see the Alice in Wonderland exhibition as well as the after hours library event they put on. We heard Wolf Alice by Angela Carter be read out, heard some live music, had an ‘Alice Cosmopolitan’ as well as had a selfie with the Red Queen herself! I had a brilliant evening and it was lovely to catch up with my favourites.

us lot

Most of you won’t know but every year for most of my friendship with Sophie there has either been a Twilight or Hunger Games film that has been released around her birthday weekend. Now I’m not a big fan of either but of course I go anyway. The last Hunger Games film however I enjoyed a lot more than the rest of them. It tied the story up well and I actually began to understand a lot more without Sophie having to whisper the plot points to me. So if you’re contemplating seeing it, definitely go!

I had to leave my house at 7am on Monday morning to get to the hospital. I had a scheduled operation to have a breast lump removed which was not long after lunchtime. The operation was a success and I had to stay in hospital for a few hours to let the anaesthetic wear off and to make sure I was okay. In that time I had some food and two painkillers hospital banterand felt brilliant because I couldn’t feel any pain. However, that brilliant feeling soon subsided when I had a bad reaction to the Codeine in Co-codamol. After a panicky and scary 40 minutes or so of not being able to breathe or stop shaking, I was okay again. They took so much of my blood I’m surprised I’ve still got any circulating round my body! So lucky to have had the nicest doctors and nurses, as well as my mum for company for the best part of two days. Also a massive thank you to my dad for dropping me and picking me and mum up from the hospital. Massive love to everyone for my well wishes and love and I can’t wait to be up and annoying everyone again! 😀


I have angry snapchats being sent to me so I’ll hurry up and post this now! I hope everybody has a lovely weekend and I’m very much looking forward to seeing some of the girls when they come to visit me.

Aside from the obviously beautiful Adele album being released, and everybody going crazy over One Direction, Justin Bieber’s new music has been on repeat with Love Yourself being my fav. I’ve put the link below and I suggest everybody should give it a chance.

Love as always,
Abi x

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