Happy New Year!

Wow it’s been a little while since I’ve posted so my sincerest apologies.

I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas and New Years and have now made their New Year’s resolutions that hardly anybody keeps but they’re worth a try, right?

Totally rested and recovered from my operation now and have even been given the relieving all clear from the hospital! Dad had an accident not too long after my operation on his way to a job at work and he’s been in a lot of pain ever since so I just thought I’d send a little virtual get well wish and lots of love.

So much to update you on, where do I start?!

I got a tattoo but I’m sure everybody has been bored with that by now. I had it done in a local tattoo and piercing shop called Chameleons. It hurt so much and the studio was so cold and Jasmin laughed so much. We did have a very political conversation about if Communism could be deemed to be Terrorism. Not only was it an interesting conversation, it also distracted me from the pain. Could’ve laughed a bit less at my pain but overall I’d give Jasmin a 7/10 on the tattoo companion.

I had 3 assignments due on the 18th December and I realised I need to sort my life out after spending 3 restless nights of completing them just before they were due. I got a 2:1 on the philosophy one though so all is not lost! A study timetable is definitely needed methinks. Should get Jasmin on the job really…

Been to the cinema a few times! I saw Christmas with the Coopers with mum, Krampus with the girls for Geo’s birthday, Sisters with Sarah and The Danish Girl with Sarah and Jas. All brilliant films I’d like to point out. My favourite out of the four has to be The Danish Girl. I won’t bother with a film review but it was moving and the two leads had acting skills like I’ve never seen before. Incredible.

Saw The Railway Children with mum which was also fantastic! Wasn’t expecting it to be even half as good as it was. The set was brilliant as they made a train track as the stage. It’s difficult to imagine but great to see in real life. Would definitely recommend if you have little ones and even as an adult (not that I’m a real adult) it was good fun.

Sophie came home from uni! Got to see her a couple of times before she sped back off to Reading and it was great to be able to spend some time together. The rest of the girls are home anyway so I get to see them for a little while longer before I go back myself. We exchanged Secret Santa presents at Georgia’s house on the 23rd. Big thank you to Kirsty who got me books, one of which has had to be prized out of my hands to write this post. We got a bit merry and ate some pizza before going our separate ways before Christmas…ONLY to end up in the pub for a Christmas Eve to once again get a little bit merry. However, as a side comment I would like to say that Ellie, Jas and I went to Sophie’s church for the Christmas Eve service and heard Sophie beautifully recite a piece from the Bible. Not very me as I’m sure most of you are thinking but it was nice to see Sophie in her cute little Church family. Even got a chance to catch up with her mum and grandparents so everyone’s a winner.

Christmas Day was brilliant. I went to my Grandparents’ house with us lot and my uncle, aunt, uncle and cousin. We played Heads Up and ate way too much but it was so lovely to see them. Boxing Day my grandparents came to our house and we had Christmas 2.0. I got money mainly for Christmas but also some clothes, CDs, books, chocolates and our annual Christmas pyjamas. I love Christmas because not only does Lewis have no choice but to take selfies with me, it also means all of the Christmas specials are on of everything. BUT ENOUGH OF CHRISTMAS SPECIALS – WHAT ABOUT SHERLOCK?!

Sherlock was incredible and definitely was a brilliant cure for my New Year hangover/lack of sleep/aching. The running commentary from Sarah and Jasmin both not really making any sense made it all the better to be watching it at 9pm on the first day of the year. It didn’t really make much sense but I’m going to watch it a second time now we know the ending…I hope that doesn’t give anything away – if it has, you should’ve watched it by now! All 4 of us (#2009crew) sat together and watched it and it was brilliant. Good messages behind it – last thing I’ll say I swear!

Sarah and I stayed at Georgia’s house after going out for NYE. It’s the first year I’ve been old enough to go out for NYE and didn’t we make the most of it. I had a brilliant night actually, despite bumping into practically everybody I went to secondary school with (some were welcoming, some not so much…) Got to see Ellie and Emily who I don’t see much of which was lovely and generally had a brilliant night seeing in the New Year!

Marybeth, a friend that I met at uni has decided to go back to Belfast and I just wanted to namedrop and wish her luck in everything she does. Making it sound like I’m never going to see her again but just know that if you ever want a poorly led guided tour of London then I’m your gal. You’re going to die of laughter but genuinely thank you for being there for me over the past few months – sending all of my love to Belfast (and a kiss for Daisy) xxx

In summary of 2015 I’d like to thank everybody for making it such a memorable year. So much managed to happen in only 12 months and it’s safe to say that I won’t ever forget 2015 for both the good and the bad it brought. But with every cloud comes a silver lining and my silver lining is the happiness and self-discovery that I have found going into 2016. It’s not how happy somebody else can make you, it’s how happy you can make yourself.

Love as always,
Abi x


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