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Hi guys! Hope your week hasn’t been too cold and that your weekend is brilliant! Just dropping in to update you on my last week and a bit at home before I go back to uni tomorrow.

Jas and I met up with Elias and we went for lunch last week. It was lovely to see Jas as always and brilliant catching up with Elias! We ended up talking outside my house for over an hour despite the freezing cold and emotions running high due to our realisation that actually, we’re growing up and we can’t do anything about it. Nevertheless, I had a lovely lunch date with them and came away enlightened, as I’m sure you can imagine if you know Elias.

This week I’ve been very busy and making the most of my last week at home for a little while. I started the week off by meeting Jasmin early Monday morning (by early I mean half 11) for a Costa meeting. We talked holiday plans and by that I mean Jasmin brought her laptop and she made lots of provisional plans and I was only useful because I poorly added up the numbers she provided me with. We parted with me going to meet my mum for a meal and Jasmin going to the gym like the dedicated soul she is, bless her.

I went to the Harvester with my mum which was lovely. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it on here but I’m a newly qualified vegetarian so I’m still working out what I can eat in certain restaurants. Last time I went to the Harvester with the girls I had pasta thing that Sarah and I both hated. So this time I ordered a selection of starters and was very happy with my decision. Mum had the aforementioned pasta dish and loved it, so there we go. That’s all for my boring menu choices! It was nice to spend time with my mum as usual, until February and my birthday meal!

Tuesday night I had a cute little theatre date with Sarah. We saw Mamma Mia and for Sarah it was the first time so it not only was it fun for me to see the show, it was also fun to see her reactions to the funny parts. She made friends with the lady next to her and managed to rope herself into helping the lady get in and out of her seat every time somebody needed to get past. After Sarah stressing because she was no more than 6 minutes late, an extortionate £7 on 2 tubs of ice cream, nearly freezing to death because somebody (me) decided to walk to Embankment instead of the closer station, and a personal space issue on the tube home, I think it’s safe to say we had a brilliant night…haha. We’ve vowed to see more shows together though, so I’m glad this is the first of many! We’ve both had the songs stuck in our head for the last few days and even now I’ve found myself humming money, money, money…

I caught the theatre bug when booking Mamma Mia with Sarah so I decided to take myself to see Macbeth at the Young Vic Theatre. At Clack during my upper school years, the English/Drama department were linked to the Old Vic theatre so we were lucky enough to visit there a fair few times. I assumed the Young Vic was going to be relatively similar but it’s really not! It’s very different but a good different. It was also a totally new experience for me as I never go anywhere on my own. If you know me at all you know how much I hate social situations and how I try my best to get out of any social contact with people. I shocked myself when I actually had to ask for my ticket without cowering behind a parent/friend. I even asked for a programme and spoke to the guy sitting next to me before the show started. Whilst this seems like something that perhaps most people wouldn’t bother mentioning, it’s a small celebration for someone who tears up at the thought of having to ask where the toilets are. Anyway, back to the show. Shakespeare’s Macbeth. After seeing it at the Globe I didn’t expect much from a different adaptation of it. I was pleasantly surprised by this version as it was frightening, inspiring and very different. The witches were incredible but my favourite character no matter what always has to be Lady Macbeth. Reading the play aged 13 in my precious English class made me realise how there’s more to the story than what meets the eye and it was then that I understood what ‘reading between the lines’ really meant. What I wouldn’t give to be back in Mrs Parkash’s class…

Thursday I woke up to the sad news that Alan Rickman had passed away from cancer. To say I was sad would be an understatement. It seems so silly to be upset about the passing of a celebrity but I think it’s allowed for the following reason. No of course I didn’t know him personally, and no before you say it I haven’t seen every film he’s ever been in. But I’m from a family who has worshipped the Harry Potter franchise since I was younger. I mean come on, Lewis read them all before the age of about 9? We’ve raised Florence knowing that being Hermione is the ultimate life goal. So to hear that the actor who played one of my favourite characters in the films has died, was sad. When Snape dies in the book, it’s heartbreaking. When Alan Rickman brings the character to life and shows his raw emotion towards Lily, it broke me in the cinema. So to see an actor who made such an impact die, is upsetting. And that’s why I think we’re allowed to be sad. The news came days after the passing of David Bowie which made the UK even sadder. I wasn’t a Bowie fan but I know his death has also made people sad so I thought I’d put a little tribute to him too, rest in peace to both of them 😦 x

A few hours after this, I met Georgia for lunch. We chatted for a while and caught up before meeting Sarah to go to the cinema. We saw Joy (the new JLaw/De Niro film) which was a good film! I think it’s worth seeing if you’re interested in a strong-woman doing it for herself and her family, but not if you’re looking for a cinematic masterpiece. It was lovely to see the girls for the last time before I go back to Canterbury. Although it’s only 4 weeks until I see them again, it feels as though it will be 4 years. Miss you already xoxo

Yesterday I didn’t actually do much until the evening. I shared a pizza with Florence and we had snacks and cuddles and watched The Parent Trap (my choice of course). She told me all about how she’s getting a new helper in her class and how London is the capital city of England. She makes me laugh so much how little she is but the amount she knows is incredible. Everybody tells me how she’s like a ‘mini-me’ but actually, she’s so much more intelligent and generous than I could’ve ever dreamt to be at 5 years old. She gave me a picture she had coloured in and stole all of the chocolate raisins but oh well, it was worth it!

Today, and I say today because it’s 04:41 as I write this, I’m travelling back to Canterbury. I’m sad to be leaving my family again but once I get there I know I’ll be okay. I’ve missed my uni pals so much! I haven’t seen them since the 20th November which was before my operation and so much has happened since then! Definitely excited to be in their company again and I know it’ll go back to normal within minutes…well maybe not totally normal seeing as though Emilie is attempting ‘Dry January’ so perhaps we’ll go back to normal in February. It’s going to be strange going back to cooking my own food after 2 months of not having to but I’m sure I’ll get used to it again.

This was just a post to tie off everything that’s happened and I hope you’ve somewhat enjoyed listening to me ranting. The next post you’ll read I hopefully would have settled back into uni and will be being super productive, though you I think we both know realistically I’ll be mid-panic about something minor and will write a thousand word article based around ‘Stress at Uni’.

Before I go, I’d just like to draw your attention to this petition (click here) which is to stop the scrapping of Student Maintenance Grants. It’s important to me and probably other people in your life and it only takes 30 seconds!

Thank you if you bothered reading this excessively long post and as always, message me or comment on here/Facebook if you want me to write about anything in particular.

Love as always,
Abi x



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