Small victories!

I’ve become conscious of how I begin each post and I’m resisting the urge to say HI GUYS but instead I thought I’d just begin by saying that I’ve had a very mixed past week or so.

I’m back at uni now and instead of going on the Saturday morning as was planned, we ended up driving down to Canterbury in the evening. We had a last minute Asda shop and then my dad drove me and mum on a ‘going back to uni’ trip. I was really upset about leaving my family again after the traumatic experience of moving out the first time, but I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I’d be back on my visits.

Once I arrived at uni, I was greeted to a lovely welcome back hug from Alma and Emilie as them and Josh were the only three back in the house on the Saturday. We unpacked my shopping and I said goodbye to my parents. Sunday soon came around and the rest of the house slowly started to move back in after the Christmas break. It was like a little family all getting back together again. People had stories to tell and it felt normal to cook altogether and even the bustle and business of the kitchen made me feel happy.

Monday came around and I didn’t start my lectures until midday so I managed to sleep in but woke up not feeling too great. My throat and head were sore but I couldn’t miss my first day back so I powered through with ibuprofen and pineapple juice keeping me company throughout the day. I went to bed Monday night hoping that I wasn’t actually ill and I just felt rubbish because of the shock of getting up and going out to lectures again. Safe to say Tuesday morning I woke up to my throat feeling like it had been cut open and even turning over to get more comfortable meant my head would throb for ages.

Because I felt ill I also felt really down so I didn’t go to my 9am lecture or my seminar later in the day. I ate my dinner and sat downstairs as it was Vicky’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D) and as long as I didn’t move my head too quickly I managed to feel somewhat normal. Wednesday rolled around and I felt even worse and the awkward person I am meant that I didn’t call the doctors for an appointment so I just wallowed in self pity all day instead. I should’ve been going out for Vicky’s birthday but when Emilie knocked on my door to see if I was okay, she was greeted with a slight breakdown from me…sorry Emilie! After a hug and some normal conversation from both her and Tom I felt less sad.

The reason why I’m going on about how ill and down I felt isn’t because I want your pity, it’s because I want to make it known that it’s not all fun and games and independence at university. Sometimes you do feel really down and not up to doing anything. Without Emilie getting me some tablets, or Vic and Jess listening to me complain about how I felt, I probably would’ve gone home. On Tuesday and Wednesday I so desperately wanted to go home I even looked up how much the train/coach would be for every day of last week. Texting Jasmin and my parents made me realise that although nobody would hate me for going home, I would never forgive myself.

Despite my awkward disposition, I called and then visited the out of hours nursing services at uni on Wednesday night. After a bit of a cry and complaining for 20 minutes she told me I’m run down and probably have a viral infection and the beginning of viral tonsillitis. Which was fun! She was really helpful and since then I have been (to everyone’s irritation) advocating the nursing services to my housemates.

After going out of the house to visit the nurse I felt a lot happier in myself for actually getting up and going. Though to most people seeing the nurse seems like a logical thing to do, to me it’s a big deal.

I had a lovely weekend where gradually I began to feel better. On Saturday evening my dad and Lewis came to visit to see me and bring me my parcels. It was good to see them as even though I had only been back a week, it felt like an eternity of not seeing any of my family. Lewis actually let me take a picture with him so that’s pretty much confirmation that he misses me. On Sunday we were planning to go to a Harry Potter quiz on campus but we got there and it was so packed we would’ve had to stand for 3 hours so we quickly decided against it. On the walk back from our failed attempt at quiz night, Meg and I vowed to arrange to do more stuff as a group so we’d feel less homesick and would have things to look forward to. We had a drink at home instead and ended up doing Buzzfeed quizzes and political compass tests…how nerdy. It was the first time I had spent an evening with them since November so it wouldn’t have mattered what we were doing, I still would’ve enjoyed it. Thanks for cheering me up guys! ❤

The week started again on Monday and although I didn’t feel 100% I thought it would be a waste of time just sitting in my room feeling sorry for myself. My philosophy lecture was enjoyable and then I came home and had a nap before preparing for other seminars/lectures. I had newfound energy and on Tuesday I was up at 7:40am sharpish for my 9am start. I then had my first Ethics lecture which might be my favourite module so far. I went to the library for a little while later in the day and then went to check out Model UN with Vicky and Emilie. Safe to say it’s not my kind of thing but I’m glad I went to find out. Not long after that I met up with Bernice (an old friend from my secondary school) and we went to Ruby Tuesdays on campus. It was good to catch up with her because other than seeing her briefly at New Years I haven’t really seen her properly since Year 11. After actually locating where she lives, a scary bouncer, and a good catch up session, we got some over priced potato wedges and went on our way home.

Wednesdays are my days off so I had my shopping delivered and set aside the evening to help my mum with her coursework assignment. Our 5 hour long FaceTime call was probably my favourite part of this week so far. 12am crept around and we both realised that we had to be up early to start our days so it was probably wise to sleep. However, we managed to find ourselves still chatting 2 hours later because we can both talk for days. It was lovely to catch up with her as when I’m at home I’m there when she gets home from work and we spend the evening with my dad discussing our days. It makes it much nicer to actually see her, even if it is through FaceTime.

Today I had my 9am start which nearly killed me getting up for. On an impulse decision I called the hairdressers in Canterbury to book an appointment for the afternoon (which was another small and underrated achievement). I walked into town with Tom and browsed Waterstones for a while before it was time for my appointment. I had to use google maps to find the place as it’s a bit tucked out of the way but I did manage to find it in the end and with a few minutes to spare! I had my eyebrows threaded for the first time,  and the pain nearly finished me off. Apparently, I much prefer the sensation of hot wax and the strips being ripped from my face compared to someone gently and carefully shaping them. After that I got to stroke and play with the dogs that they have there. I think it’s a family run business and apparently they bring the whole family to work. I had one of the dogs sit on my lap whilst the lady cut my hair, which was the best experience. I’ve had quite a bit cut off of my hair but I like it so that’s all that matters. Because I was in such a good mood I decided to have yet another pizza at Pizza Express by myself. Didn’t even have internet to chat to people so I just sat there enjoying myself post-haircut.

Jasmin is coming to visit tomorrow for the weekend and I am very excited to see her. I have my first Ethics seminar until 5 and then I’ll go to meet her from the station and depending on how big her bag is depends on if we walk back or get the bus. I’m hoping that she’ll enjoy staying with me…I even bought some vegetables so she wouldn’t complain at my lack of healthy eating. We’re going to see the Chuckle Brothers on Saturday at Venue which could be interesting. I’m also going to take her to the new dessert shop that’s just opened in Canterbury which is SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS – even the milkshakes!

I’m done ranting about my week now and I hope you enjoyed it. I’m listening to some old Justin Timberlake music and will probably watch an unhealthy amount of episodes of the L word before I get to sleep. My sleeping pattern has improved greatly from not being able to sleep until 6am most days but today I stupidly napped at 6pm and didn’t wake up until gone 11 so here I am eating a punnet of grapes and a ripple chocolate bar at 4am.

Just as a final note, in The Works there is a deal where you can get 3 classic books for £5 which is crazy because I’d pay up to £10 for them in Waterstones. Just thought it might help all of us students is all!

Love as always,
Abi x


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