One Day I Will…

In light of International Women’s Day I thought I’d write a post. I will update you all on my life and what’s happened in the past month or so but this is just an intermission.

As the awkward little bean that I am, surrounding myself with inspirational women really has made all the difference. I love how all of the women in my life are so different and love different things and create a sphere of lovely ladies.

The main woman in my life is my mum. With my dad she’s raised 5 children pretty successfully whilst having jobs, friends and remaining a well rounded person. Saying Happy Mothers Day never quite cuts it for someone who is inspirational all year round, and my gratefulness never quite seems enough. I’m not going to go into full soppy mode as I know she’ll probably cry reading it but it really is true that a mother’s love is second to none. Some people do not have the pleasure of having a good mum and I really do think that is such a shame. My mum has always been my first point of contact if something bad happens, something good happens or for any general thing in my life. Growing up and realising that not everyone I know has this bond with their mum made me appreciate it even more. She’s not only my mum, she’s my best friend and my favourite person to spend time with. ♥

Enough of the soppiness…

I searched for a little while trying to find some good famous quotes by different people about a woman’s bond with another women whether it be their mother, daughter, partner, sister etc. However none of them quite expressed what I wanted to say so I’ll do my best instead.

The bond between me and the women and girls in my life is special. It’s a look across the room kind of smile when something funny happens. It’s a sigh of being fed up when you know somebody’s going to have to address the sexist drivel coming out of someone’s mouth. It’s the secret joyful feeling when you search ‘Empowering songs for women’ playlists. It’s the exclusive club of knowing there’s no such thing as gender equality right now but the knowing that one day it will get better.

Google filmed women and girls all over the world and asked them what their dreams are.


One day I will see a world where women will be respected in every job role, and not called bossy when they have natural leadership skills. One day I will be brave enough to speak out publicly about the attitudes regarding equality of the sexes. One day I will be able to say I’m proud to be a woman without people rolling their eyes. One day I will be pleased to live in a world that has raised children to see each other as equals rather than feeling inferior due to race, sex, age, sexuality and anything else that puts them as different.

I have two younger sisters and a younger cousin who I want to grow up and be proud of being female and the way they were born. They shouldn’t have to check what they’re saying and what their ambitions in life are because the idiots of the world see them as any less than men. They’re lucky to be growing up in a family that genuinely does support us doing anything we want to rather than pushing us into typically feminine jobs against our will. If we want to be beauticians or lawyers or hairdressers or doctors or anything I’m confident my family would be so supportive, and that’s how it should be!

I’ve collated a list of women that I either know personally or know of who deserve a mention and your attention.


Read Sophie Boston’s Beauty Blog!

The first one is a beauty blog run by Sophie Boston. If you know me at all, you know I have zero clue about makeup but I still love reading what she posts! It’s a relatively new blog but you guys should check it out because it’s fab!

Donate to Chloe Stanley’s climb for Hope for Children!

The second link is to Chloe Stanley’s donation page. She’s climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in the summer with people from her uni to raise money for Hope for Children. She needs to raise £2990 to be able to go on the trip. Donate whatever you can and share the link.

Donate to Victoria Parkinson’s Swim Challenge for Diabetes UK!

The next link is another donation page, by Victoria Parkinson. Most of my readers are probably from my secondary school/sixth form so you will know who this is. She’s raising money for Diabetes UK by doing a swimming challenge! Again, donate and share!

Watch and Subscribe to Leigha Betts’ YouTube Channel!

This link is to Leigha’s YouTube Channel. Not everyone will know about this but I’ve asked Leigha if I could share it with everyone. I always look forward to her videos so I think everyone should have a quick watch of her videos!

Are You Still a Slave? Liberating the Black Female Body

Way too often we promote white women over such talented women that aren’t white. This is a talk I watched a little while ago which pushed me into being more aware that my feminism should be for all women, not just white-women specific. It’s quite a long talk but it’s well worth it the watch!

A Website Dedicated to Neerja Bhanot

This isn’t a great website but it’s the best one I could find (that wasn’t wiki) that explains Neerja’s life. She’s an incredible woman that Kajal introduced me to this afternoon. Take 10 minutes to look at this and read about who she was. There’s also a film that you’ll need subtitles for but definitely one I’ll be watching. It’s called Neerja and it’s out in a few cinemas around London but will be online to view soon I’m sure!

My Attempt at YouTube

This link is a total self promotion. I decided to make an attempt talking to a camera as everyone seems to enjoy my blog posts. Not a clue if I’ll continue with this but it was fun to do and I thought I’d share with you guys!

In the past few years I really have started to embrace the fact I am a woman. I’m proud of who I am and I hope everyone can look at themselves with total positivity one day.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Love as always,

Abi x

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