Lucy concerts, birthday weekend and waaaaay too many episodes…

So I am genuinely sorry for the ridiculously long gap in writing a post. What happens is I do something really cool and think ooh I’ll write about that then another thing happens and it just gets so much work to update on everything. But I enjoy writing these so I will keep at it.

I hope everyone enjoyed my International Women’s Day post. If you haven’t read it yet here you go 🙂.

So Jasmin came to visit me at uni which was lovely. She wasn’t very well which meant she was feeling all that great but she was in high spirits. She even managed to stay out when we went out with my housemates which I was very impressed by. We went to Pizza Hut and had lots of political chats which if that doesn’t sum up our friendship I don’t know what does? It sucked knowing she was going back to Dagenham and I had to stay here but well worth seeing her.

The following weekend was Florence’s 6th Birthday and I didn’t go back for it as I was home the weekend after. They had a great time though as they went to a trampolining place where Teddy broke his leg… It’s heartbreaking seeing him with a massive cast on his leg but it’s off soon so he should be much happier without it.

I went home for my birthday weekend and had the best time. The Saturday was Florence’s birthday swimming party. So I can’t swim nor do I really like water so helping out at a kids pool party probably wasn’t the best decision but it was quite fun! Flo’s friends are all so cute and she enjoyed herself so that’s all good. Sarah helped out too so we had a crazy rush to get dry and go home and get dressed again as we went to Pizza Express with the girls for mine and Jas’ birthday about an hour and a half later. It was nice to have a sit down with them with no conversation purpose or expectations. They’re definitely a big part of why I miss home and spending time with them was brilliant, especially because we hadn’t been together since before Christmas. Then afterwards a few of us went to Missoula for drinks. On the Sunday I went to Tate Modern with Sarah. I’m not a huge lover of art as most of the time I just don’t really understand what’s supposed to be going on or what it’s supposed to mean. But we really enjoyed ourselves!

Then my actual birthday rolled around on the Monday. I woke up to lots of happy birthday wishes from my family, cards, money and presents. To say I’m grateful is an understatement, so thank you to everyone. We went to Cosmo as a family and after the perfect lunch of two plates of egg fried rice and way too many peach slices we went home. I then met Sophie and went to see Spotlight in Romford. Absolutely brilliant film that has since won an Oscar for Best Picture – well deserved. Was great to see Sophie as I don’t see her all that often and even more special that it was on my birthday.

I had to come back to uni the next day but all plans to go home again were in place so I didn’t feel so bad about leaving. That week though I visited the house I’m living in next year. The contract and everything is sorted now so we just have to wait until September then we can move in.

Lots happened in between all of that and today. And by lots happened I mean I started American Horror Story and got creeped out at every episode. But I’ve finished the L word now after emotions galore. Everyone who said I’d enjoy Coven the most was most definitely wrong as Murder House stands as my favourite at the moment. I got the top of my ear pierced which hurt…a lot. Looks pretty though! I also repierced my ear lobes myself which hurt too but again, worth it.

I’ve also been to see Lucy Spraggan twice, once in London with Sarah and once in Southend with Jas and Sarah. Both times were incredible. I didn’t spend Mothers Day with my mum as I was only home the previous weekend but I know she had a cute weekend with the others. (Happy Belated Mothers Day wishes to my mumma.)

Spent some time with Vic and Jess as we went out to The Brewery Tavern for Eighties night. On Tuesday of this week I went to Glitterbomb at Steinbeck and Shaw. It’s only when I am actually out that I realise I do really enjoy spending time outside of the house with my uni pals and we should definitely do it more.

That’s all for now chums. I’m going home for Easter weekend but until then it’s deadlines and revision galore I’m sad to report.

I’m thinking of revamping the look of my blog so look out for that I guess!

Love as always,
Abi x

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