I actually did some revision today. I have two exams this year which are on the 1st and 3rd of June. By I revised I mean I stared at some powerpoint slides and colour coded one page of notes before getting bored. Going to the library tomorrow to see if I can magically develop a sense of motivation or concentration.

It’s National Walk to Work Month and I’ve been meeting mum from work most days so that’s tied in nicely. Found out by using an app today that I walk an average of 3.4mph
which is apparently quite fast. A few buses went past me but I was quite happy walking (plus I didn’t have my Oyster Card on me anyway). I had a lovely quorn meal today as I tried the gammon steaks…which tasted a little odd but were nice nonetheless. It’s my uncle’s birthday today so we had chocolate cake which was fun.

I’m quite excited about tomorrow’s post, and by excited I mean I have half a clue what I’m going to do for it!

Love always,
Abi x

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