What’s in your bag?


If we’re going from left to right there are some odd items in my bag but I can explain almost all of them.

Flowery headband – I recently rediscovered this after delving into my bags at uni. I remember wearing this aged 11/12 to push all of my hair back when I was at school/in PE. I’ve started using it again recently as my hair is much shorter and gets in my face quite easily.

Cold and flu tablets – self explanatory really, not needed in my bag right now but still in there for the last cold I had, and handy for the next time I suppose.

Pens – my chosen weapon for my revision, they’re from WHSmiths though I suppose you could buy them from most places. Really handy and fit in your pocket!

Door key – it has a strange key cover on it that I’ve kept and transferred onto different keys for a few years. I think Sophie had/has a matching one. From BHS in approx 2010. I also have a keyring from my 18th birthday which was over a year ago. Maybe I should update that…

Strange stretchy hair band – this is actually one of my sister’s hairbands but I liked it and used it one day, so it stayed in my bag. Surprisingly not painful.

Toy goat – so this is probably the strangest thing in my bag. Why it’s still in my bag I cannot even begin to explain. The reason why it got there in the first place is because I visited Hasty’s Farm a few weeks ago and  my parents bought my younger siblings a tiny toy animal in the gift shop. Lewis and I decided we should have one too which is why I happen to have a goat. I kept it in my pocket for a while as I didn’t know where else to store it without it getting lost and now it seems I haven’t put it down at all.

Bodyshop lipbalm – for years I stuck with the strawberry one but I’ve recently ventured onto this and the peachy coloured one.

Regular black hairband – standard.

WHSmiths Revision Cards – I’d love to say they’re full up with notes and important notes but unfortunately that would be a huge lie. They’re totally empty and in my bag in hopes that one day soon I’ll look at them and decide to fill them up.

Pack of tissues – this is actually annoying open the wrong way.

Small pink tie bag – in this bag are two things I carry on me at all times. One of them came in the bag which is a lucky sixpence and the other is a worry doll. Both things were gifts from my parents and I’ve carried them on me since my 16th birthday/18th birthday respectively. I’ve taken them into every exam, interview, first day at uni, train/plane journeys, holidays and anything else a massive worrier like me would go. Whilst they’re super cute and thoughtful, I now feel obliged to take them everywhere.

My purse – at the moment mainly full with my debit card and various other random cards, receipts and a variety of different coins.

So that’s that for today, a snoop into my bag and into my life.

Love as always,
Abi x

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