Welcome to day 6 of BEDM on my blog!

Today’s prompt is ‘Top Tips’ so I’m going just throw out some life tips for my readers.

  1. Don’t let anybody else be responsible for your happiness.
    Make sure you do what makes you happy and if people in your life truly love you then they will naturally fit in around you. Don’t feel guilty for being a little selfish sometimes. Take time out and have some you time, keep yourself happy.
  2. Take yourself on a ‘me’ date. 
    One of the best evenings I had was when I took myself to see Macbeth in London. I went alone, sat alone and had a brilliant time. Even the travelling there and back was fun as I had time to think and be on my own.
  3. Make time for other people.
    You can’t expect people to want to be in your life if you don’t take some time out for them! Whether it be friends or family you need to show people you care, even if it’s a quick message hello or a dinner date, go on do it! Ask people how their day was, they’ll feel appreciated.
  4. Buy some new socks.
    I did this before I went to uni and I don’t know if it’s just me that it affects but I love it when I have new socks. Mainly ones with animals on…maybe this one is just a tip for me…
  5. Smile at strangers!
    I always try to do this but usually do not have the gesture reciprocated. I will do a social study one day I’m sure of it. But just on my walk to meet my mum earlier I smiled at every stranger who I passed and the only people who smiled back were young children and elderly people. Why don’t people smile anymore?

They’re just 5 tips but I quite liked doing this and maybe next time my tips will be less general. Let me know if you think I should do more advice posts?

Love as always,
Abi x

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