7th May 2016…

Currently watching Britain’s Got Talent and thought I’d write today’s post.

We all helped as a family to get the front and back garden sorted out today in time for the sunny weather to begin. I applied a crazy amount of sun cream (nothing changes) and still managed to burn a little on my face, which sucks. Don’t forget to wear sun cream guys, it’s super quick to apply but something people don’t bother with. You can still tan with sun cream and it’s so important to protect your skin.

I know I did my top tips yesterday but this is more of an encouragement post to do something outside! If you can go outside, regardless of how much you think you prefer staying indoors, go outside! I usually hate leaving the house without a good reason but today it was nice to be in the garden in the sun.

Here’s a link to the NHS website to explain how much sunlight really does help us. Being cooped up inside all the time, even if it is for productive reasons such as work or revision, isn’t good for you at all. Try to go for a walk in the sun, it improves your mood so much!you deserve a break.png

(image: Mental Health Daily Facebook Page)

Love as always,
Abi x


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