Drink Responsibly!

One thing that comes with sun is alcohol and whilst I enjoy the odd beverage or few I have recently wondered whether what I’m drinking is actually suitable. I obsessively check every food product I eat to see if I can have it considering I am vegetarian but never seem to check drinks. Over the past few days I have done some research and here are my findings.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 22.10.06
Sadly the response from Kopparberg…glad Olivia can still enjoy it though!


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 22.11.28
The response from Heineken who are responsible for Old Mout Cider.
Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 22.22.57
Whilst not alcoholic, I was surprised to find that Lilt contains fish gelatine! Most other Coca-Cola products are safe though, well apart from crazy amounts of sugar that is.
Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 22.11.55
Our vodka redbull combo is still safe though as Smirnoff is suitable for veggies!
Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 23.01.40
AB-InBev, the people who are in charge of Stella Artois, Corona and Budweiser had this to say on their website.

What I’ve found overall is that if you have any doubts just contact the company unless it’s clearly displayed on their website. It’s pretty easy to find out and if you’re dead set on following the rules of vegetarianism then there’s no excuse really. It sucks when I find out that I can’t have something I’ve previously really enjoyed but it sucks even more than they apparently can’t find something else to use other than fish guts.

Sorry if you’ve been a bit bored by my post tonight, I realise many of you are not vegetarians but it’s important to me and pretty interesting to know I think!

Love as always,
Abigail x

34 thoughts on “Drink Responsibly!

  1. Hmm interesting! I’m not a vegetarian or vegan so wouldn’t be bothered at all, but I remember my mum’s friend being rather neurotic about it, in fact, she wouldn’t allow anyone to eat off the plates in her house if they had meat or fish because it might “contaminate” her stuff. Mental. I can totally see why she was like that reading this because it would appear it’s not anywhere near as simple as looking at the label and reading “chicken” or “tofu”. How difficult!!

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    1. I only became veggie in November of 2015 and before that I was always confused why people we so picky! Now I’m very particular about where my food’s been, what knife has been used where etc – it becomes like a part time job!


  2. I have vegan friends and unfortunately a lot of places aren’t savvy about what products aren’t suitable. When she contacted a cocktail bar to ask which drinks she could have as a vegan she got a very rude reply saying ‘just don’t order one with milk or eggs’… completely unaware that many of their other ingredients were not suitable. Hopefully this is changing as more people become aware but it’s great that you’re raising awareness of this!

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  3. I’ll raise a toast for this post – cheers! When i use to work for a supermarket they put me on the wine and drinks department (which is hilarious as I don’t drink wine), they put me on wine course and on that I had to learn everything there is on wine! Through that I did learn (well that the only part I learns anything) that wine does contain animals products. I remember telling a customer that wine isn’t suitable for her vegans lifestyle – the manager got the right hump with me. But I wasn’t going to lie and tell her something else.
    Anyway give me a dunebug cocktail any day….


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    1. Got to be honest and I’m sure the customer was very appreciative! Cocktails are lovely and where the majority of them are just fruit it’s ideal! x


  4. One of my friends is vegan and she was a bloody mary fan and was so shocked when she realised that worcestershire sauce isn’t even vegan! I think it’s important to think about liquids being vegan/vegetarian friendly – so often it’s overlooked.

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