Another veggie post…

You guys seemed to be interested in my vegetarian-suitable post so I thought I’d make another!

Most of you, even non-veggies, will know that trying to find sweets that do not contain gelatine is quite the task. I thought I’d do some research and show you some foods that actually are fine to eat that I wasn’t too sure about before!


This is reliable information straight from the Haribo website where they show you the vegetarian range and halal range if you’re interested in either. Most company websites are pretty helpful and a quick search will show you if it’s suitable or not.

Frazzles – surprisingly okay despite the deceiving ‘crispy bacon’ flavour! To most people it would seem odd that a vegetarian would want to eat something that is based on a meat product but it’s the actual animal-killing that bothers me not the taste!
Cathedral City cheddar cheese is completely fine to eat. I wasn’t too sure about different cheeses so I stuck to the one my family usually buys. Other companies that I found suitable are Tesco white cheddar, most Asda cheddar cheeses and Pilgrims Choice cheddar cheese.
Just as a side note, parmesan cheese is almost always NOT suitable. It contains calf rennet of the majority of the time. It is possible to find some that contain vegetable rennet instead though if you do a bit of searching around.
Jaffa cakes, despite the orange jelly, is actually fine to eat. Watch out though as the cheaper supermarket brands sometimes aren’t.

Something to look out for is E120 – Cochineal/Carmine which is an additive in a lot of foods. It’s made from crushed insects which I know some veggies aren’t too bothered by. Also E542 – Edible Bone Phosphate which is made from animal bones is something else to check for. Here’s a website that I found really useful when checking for E-numbers. It shows you what is always unsuitable and what sometimes is, it’s up to you if you choose to eat products with these additives in.

I hope somebody found this post useful today, I know it’s really important to me and hopefully I can make this a permanent topic on my blog!

Love as always,
Abigail x

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