Book Review

Faceless – Alyssa Sheinmel

I randomly ordered 4 books from amazon because they were all relatively cheap and I wanted some new stuff to read, despite having too many books on my shelf TBR.

As a quick non-spoiler run down of what it’s about…basically there’s a girl called Maisie who had an accident and suffered damage to her face. The novel is about how she comes to terms with her new face as she has a face transplant (which I didn’t even know existed before reading this).

If you’re going to read the book stop reading now but just know that it’s incredible and please please consider reading it!!

So clearly as a reader, unless you’ve had a face transplant, you can’t relate to Maisie, right? Wrong! I felt so closely related to the main character in so many ways. Her relationship breaks down and she comes to terms with that. Her emotions are raw and real and definitely something most readers can relate to. Sheinmel makes it so Maisie, a ‘miracle’ medical case, still faces normal problems such as breaking up with her boyfriend. I found this important to the book as where she’s in such a unique position it could’ve been difficult to enjoy reading it without some regular storylines.

The whole message, for me anyway, is about learning how to love yourself again after something happens. Unlike Maisie, for us majority of people, the fallback is something minor such as a bad exam result or a relationship/friendship breaking down. Learning to love yourself is such a difficult and ongoing task (which I’m definitely going to write about in another post soon) which is why I guess I loved this book so much.

She’s almost like every 16 year old girl, waiting for her prom, having lovely friends and a conventional family. Yet she has a tragic accident and ends up losing the relationship she dreamt of and her parents even seem totally different to her. I’m babbling which is not something you should do in a book review but I’m trying to put into words how much it really affected me.

I’m quite an emotional person at heart. I cry at silly things people say and I tear up at X-Factor auditions on TV so it’s no surprise that I was emotional at a book about a tragic accident. When I read The Fault in Our Stars (referenced purely for the sadness rating, by no means is Faceless anything like that) I was crying at the end but with this book I was already upset from around the second or third chapter. It meant I needed to know what happened but it also made me a little apprehensive to finish it due to the emotions!

With a totally unplanned reference to TFiOS I feel the need to justify the sheer difference between the two fantastic books. TFiOS, whilst Gus and Hazel’s illnesses are heavily shown throughout, it is ultimately a love story. Maisie and Chirag’s relationship was seriously affected by what happened but is not by any means Sheinmel’s main focus.

I truly adored Faceless, despite the state of sadness it left me in afterwards.

You can borrow it from me/the library or buy it on Amazon!

Love as always,
Abigail x

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