On Monday 16th May, I visited Southend Cliffs Pavilion to see the opening night of Hairspray.

Hairspray is something I’ve loved since I was around 11/12. I didn’t ever get around to watching it in the West End so I’m glad my mum managed to win some tickets to see it (if you didn’t know my mum is a total competition addict).

I was really excited as I know all of the words to the soundtrack and especially adore the newer film. We travelled there by train on Monday evening from Barking to Westcliff station and walked towards the theatre. We were early, thankfully, and despite me feeling panicky trying to find our way to our seats once we sat down I felt overjoyed that I could finally see the show I had spent most of my teenage years wanting to see.

The show itself was incredible. It included songs that are on the soundtrack but not in the film which made me feel like a super-fan! Everyone around us seemed to enjoy themselves too, singing along and laughing in all of the right places.

If you’re familiar with the John Travolta 2007 film version, you’ll remember Penny being played by Amanda Bynes. Penny’s character was perhaps the most different from the film version as she was more heavily focused on. I thought this was a great change because her storyline is really important. She held the punchlines in most of the laughs the audience gave. She’s a great character and it was good to see her portrayed a little differently to what I’m used to.

My mum really enjoyed it too. In the interval we got some ice-cream, and my dad picked us up afterwards. Overall, I had a great night and thankful that I ticked a show off of my list to see!

1me and mum1me

Love as always,
Abigail (Tracy Turnblad’s biggest fan) x

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