A-Z of things I adore…

Feature photo being a little while ago. When I went to Clacton with Leigha and Sarah. That weekend featured a lot of the things in my A-Z with ‘T’ being my favourite.

Adventures with friends/family

Believing in myself

Clever wording, in songs or literature

Dreaming of where I’ll be in 10 years

Explaining the simplest ideas to my younger siblings for the first time

Finding out new things about people I’ve known for a while

Going to concerts and the theatre


Idioms, I seem to never understand them

Jasmin’s Blog

Knowing odd facts and telling people them

Learning words to obscure songs and finding them in random places on the internet

Memories attached to happy music

Not letting people’s opinions affect me, or at least attempting to


Pretending I don’t know something so Florence can teach me things, such as the capital of France

Quietly listening to music at 4:30am (like right now)

Re-enacting funny memoriess with my friends, only to laugh more when it happened the first time

Sharing secrets with people I love

Taking ages to tell a story because I’m laughing so much

Understanding an idea I’ve been working on for a while


Watching my favourite people smiling and being happy

Xenodocheionology (okay, I’ll admit I had to google words beginning with ‘x’ or you’d have had x-ray or xylophone… it’s true though, I am rather fond of hotels)

Youth – Troye Sivan

Zodiac signs, even if most people think they’re stupid


Love as always,
Abigail x

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