How To…Blog?

Since I started my blog back in October, I have had several people message me to ask about creating a blog themselves. A lot of people seem to want to write about something but can’t quick decide what that thing is. The truth is, I don’t know either.

There are some people who blog about beauty products, exercise regimes, being mum and various other things that are actually useful. I’m still new to blogging really, and still finding what I’d like to talk to you guys about.

I tried out reviewing a few things (link) and tried doing a more day-to-day approach but I’m still not settled on one particular thing that I really enjoy writing about.

The point of this post wasn’t to tell you how indecisive I am, it was just to let you know that if you do want to start a blog, or start a youtube channel or anything of the sort, just do it!

What do you have to lose really?

On that note though, if anybody has anything they’d like me to write about I am more than happy to take suggestions. Or if anybody liked a particular type of post I’ve done, let me know about that too! I’m thinking of making my blog mainly family orientated? I seem to post a lot about my younger siblings and my fav ones to read are Mum Blogs… I need to get out more I think…

Forever appreciative of the love and support I get from all different social media, as well as the comments I’ve received.

Love as always,
Abigail x

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