A Hologram for the King

Took myself to the cinema today! I saw A Hologram for the King with Tom Hanks in and thoroughly enjoyed it!


I’m not a big film lover usually as I’m not very good at staying focused on one thing for that long. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching films but just like children, I need constant entertainment from it rather than the suspense you get in a lot of films… Definitely more of a book fan.

Anyway, I definitely recommend watching it either now at the cinema or when it comes out on DVD. Tom Hanks is his usual great self and Sarita Choudhury was incredible too. I mainly wanted to see the film as in the trailer and description it was all about culture clash.

The character played by Hanks is American and he’s gone to work in Saudi Arabia, which is obviously very different. The sheer difference in culture plays a huge part whether it be in his romantic interest, his desire to drink alcohol or his ‘funny’ jokes.

There were only a few people in the cinema screen this afternoon to watch it which didn’t surprise me as I hadn’t heard of the film until I searched to see what was showing. I felt disappointed afterwards though, knowing not many people (in my area at least) know about it, seeing as though I really enjoyed it.

I didn’t actually realise until afterwards when reading up about it that it’s based on a book. I’ve now ordered the book as I’m interested to see how they adapted it to the screen.

I even managed to stay concentrated on the film which is a big deal for me. Overall, a great watch and thoroughly worth every minute! I

Love as always,
Abigail x

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