BEDM Prompt: ‘A Letter To Your Younger Self…’

Dear 12 year old me,

It’s 7 years into the future and lots of things have changed. You have 3 new siblings, if you can believe that. You still live in the same house but it looks kind of different. Mum decided she wanted new wallpaper, it’s very flowery but you’ll get used to it. You have another dog called Poppy, she gets on well with Ruby, don’t worry.

You fall in love in a few years and it was what you expected and all very worth it but at the (what seems right now very old) age of 19 you find yourself trying to…well, find yourself. Whilst you feel like an adult right now you definitely aren’t and that’s okay! Most 11 year olds, from what I have more recently learnt, also think they’re adult enough to make their own decisions in life. I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m not even a real adult now so don’t kid yourself pretending that you are, love! Stay a child for a while longer, and enjoy it.

Let your parents know you love them more, you definitely try to now. You still don’t swear in front of your family, and it’s something you’re still proud of. You’re still very close to Lewis and yes, he still eats loud enough to be audible in the next room but you love him anyway. I’ll keep the three new ones a secret for you but after years of wishing you had a sister, well you’ll have to wait and see. They’re all lovely though, no worries there.

It was worth pushing through the shyness in Art at the beginning of this academic year, Sophie’s still in your life. You’ve made lots of new friends too! Stick by your instincts, they’re usually right. Stop trying to befriend all of the ‘popular’ people because I can confirm your current predictions, that they definitely won’t be popular in the real world.

Do your homework; listen to your teachers they do usually know what they’re talking about. Don’t stop reading books, even when you’re worried it’s not a cool thing to do. See the bigger picture, it doesn’t matter how stressed or nervous you are about something, it will always work out. Stick up for people you love, even if it seems like other people don’t agree with you.

Be proud of how quirky you are. Believe in yourself. Stick by your decision not to wear makeup, you realise how much stuff like that really doesn’t matter even if everyone else is currently caking their face in orange foundation…yes you eventually did find out that it’s called foundation.

Also, stop listening to those god awful bands you only listen to so you can be involved in conversations at school. Blast the Hairspray soundtrack a bit louder and love the fact you adore Katy Perry, I have good news about both of those obsessions too.

Most importantly, stay true to yourself. Keep smiling at strangers and say thank you when people hold the door open. You’ll eventually learn who your true friends are and who stuck around for the convenience. You have so much time to understand how the world works and you’ll realise that your End of Year exams aren’t actually the end of the world but you should still do yourself proud.

You’ll learn to love these photos I’m about to show you, even if you hate them right now.

2008 christmas
Your hair isn’t even that bad, but that jacket has got to go.
2009 butlins
Whilst you think matching printed tracksuits are very in right now, trust your instincts when you realise that they’re very out.
2009 july nan birthday
I still love that dress, even if it did feel a bit like wearing cardboard.
2009 karen and me
You’ll learn how to pose for photos one day, I wish I still had that t-shirt.
2009 me and lewis
Make the most of being a head taller than Lewis, he teases you for being ‘short’ now.
2009 me and lewis 1
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WEAR A DIFFERENT HOODIE EVERY NOW AND THEN SO IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE YOU ONLY OWN ONE! Also, Lewis still poses for pictures like that for a few more years, make the most of it!
2009 me and ruby
I was going to comment on the length of your skirt, but it’s not even that bad. Stick at it.
2009 me as spongebob
There won’t ever be a time you don’t laugh at this costume choice. Stay proud of yourself that you actually decided to go to a party like this instead of dressing in a tutu and bumblebee type tights. Also, read some Louise Rennison books.
2009 me hat
Keep at your quirky styles kid, nobody thinks you’re that strange.
2009 nan birthday cute
Never stop posing for family photos, everyone loves them! Appreciate life for what it is!

Love as always,
Abigail (yes, I know you want so desperately for ‘Abi’ to catch on but it doesn’t until you go to university, so suck it up and stick with your name, it’s not all that bad) xxxx

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