Let me bore you with some new pics!

I’ve seen so many goats since I last posted and that’s really all I need to say for you guys to understand where my happiness levels lie right now.

So much has happened since I last spoke to you guys and if you follow me on social media then you’ll see that I even had a social media cleanse! It helped me to feel more at ease and peaceful, and now I’m back on it I’m still limiting it. I might do a post on it if anybody’s interested just hmu!

In true Abi Style I’m going to zoom through a quick update with some photos. Hope you enjoy this style? Let me know 🙂

goat in clacton with mum
Mum (and part of Scarlett) with a goat in Clacton!
goat in clacton
This goat looks beautiful but it actually was a little scary…
Hainault forest me and goat
Another one…
jas soph me waterstones hp
Jasmin, Sophie and I at Romford Waterstones for the Cursed Child release! I still haven’t gotten around to reading it so no spoilers!
jasmin qmul ted
Enter a caption I had the pleasure of watching Jasmin ((Her blog) do her Ted Talk at her university. Had such a great day watching so many inspirational speakers but Jas definitely blew me away. Made me proud and I could not stop smiling throughout – go Jasmin Bath!
me and sarah cinema
Stratford Rooftop Cinema with Sarah! We saw Joy and loved every minute – also had a cheeky TGIs meal beforehand and watched some really cool dancers outside Stratford Station! Lovely day x
me and sophie cinema
London Rooftop Cinema with Sophie! We saw Pretty Woman, had a cocktail and such a cute night! Definitely recommend the Rooftop cinemas!
sarah leigha me pride near parade
Had SUCH a great day at London Pride 2016. Sadie Khan making a speech about the LGBT+ community really made it so much more special! Beautiful weather (for most of the day), the best company and smiles all round!
pride after paint party
After the paint party at KU Bar at Pride! Not sure if anybody has ever been covered in powder paint but it’s definitely more fun when it’s happening than the after effects. Also, wear suncream on sunny days.
pride snapchat filter
Just the snapchat filter that I adored from the day. Also shoutout to the lovely people who gave us rainbow paint on our faces!
scarlett ears
Scarlett getting her ears pierced in Claires – cutie x
me at uni, glasses shirt
Got to put a selfie in there somewhere right? The last time I went out in Cants before the year ended!
Scarlett and Teddy outside
The cutest twins in the entire world.
Florence with her medal x
Florence with her Sports medal!
This is actually real life. Had the pleasure of meeting YouTubers Rose and Rosie and unsurprisingly they really are as lovely as you’d imagine from watching their videos. We also met Amy and Alexis much to Sophie’s happiness!! Can’t believe it still!

So that’s my update for now but I should be back very soon with some more things to tell you! Hope everybody is well and as always let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to write about!

Love as always,
Abi x


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