Rooftop Cinemas

Last month I visited both the Stratford and Shoreditch Rooftop Cinemas. If you know my mum she is a Competition Queen and wins lots of different things. The tickets are £15 I think which is not all that expensive considering it’s such a good experience and located in busy areas.

In Shoreditch the cinema is called Queen of Hoxton and I watched Pretty Women here. I had an incredible time as it was my first time at a cinema on the top of a building! Sophie and I had a cocktail and some popcorn and sat back to enjoy the film. Neither of us had seen it before so it was even more special! We were handed headphones and later on we got some blankets when it got a bit chilly. All of the staff were polite and willing to grab anything you needed. It was absolutely packed, I’m assuming because they were showing a classic movie in the middle of London. The rooftop was beautiful and of course I took some cute photos!


A week or so later, my mum won more tickets (thanks mum!) for the Stratford cinema which is called Roof East! It was much easier to find as it was clearly signposted when I spotted from outside Stratford Station. Sarah and I saw Joy, a brilliant and much newer film starring Jennifer Lawrence. It was much more comfortable at Roof East as we got to sit on deck chairs so it was almost like laying down whereas at QoH we sat on Directors Chairs. It was a lot less busy in Stratford but made no difference to our viewing! In fact it probably was beneficial because unlike Shoreditch, we didn’t get given headphones as there were quite a few big speakers around where we were sitting.


Overall, I think the £15 is probably worth the whole experience plus the film they show. It’s such a brilliant idea and I’m definitely going to make another visit soon! Big thank you to Nespresso for the tickets!!

Love as always,
Abigail x

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