How to Cope with Results Day

Thankfully it’s not affecting me this year but I know how it feels to have Results Day being less than 24 hours away.

Here are some tips to remaining positive for tomorrow!

  1. Eat properly! Nobody wants to be dealing with you passing out in your school hall through stress and lack of food. This means having a full meal for dinner tonight and also trying to eat something for breakfast in the morning. You need energy whether it be for calling universities tomorrow morning or celebrating tomorrow night.
  2. Try to sleep! A good night’s rest is worth a lot more than staying up all night worrying when in reality you can’t change anything now.
  3. Have Clearing numbers ready! If you’ve applied to university and your offer is conditional, you should have a back up plan with your insurance but if that plan doesn’t work out either you need to apply through clearing. UCAS is very helpful when it comes to Clearing so perhaps contact them today to find out your options.
  4. Be supportive! Whilst you don’t want your (perhaps more intelligent) friends to make you stress about what you got in your exams, remember that they are worried too. A bit of moral support and understanding goes a long way.
  5. Don’t look at the grade boundaries today! For the love of all things holy, why are you torturing yourself by finding out what you needed for a certain grade when you have no idea how you performed nor how the rest of the country did? However, if you are somebody who feels like they need to know here’s the link…

Some extra advice is just to try your best to remain positive. I tried to block all knowledge of Results Day out of my brain until that morning. AS results day was stressful because I really didn’t know what to expect. The teachers were helpful and my friends were very supportive. A2 results day had the added pressure of getting into my chosen uni. Thankfully UCAS had updated 2 hours before I actually went to get my results so other than some personal goals that I had set, it didn’t matter too much on what I achieved grade-wise.

Stay positive today, busy yourself and try to get a good night’s rest. There’s nothing worse than having to wake up early to go to your sixth form/college, being exhausted and hungry and then not getting the grades you wanted. With a fed and well rested body your mind will be more positive and hopefully you’ll be happy with what you achieved.

Ultimately, you tried your best and that is the most that anyone can expect of you. Don’t worry if the girl sitting next to you in Biology got full UMS marks, if you got what you wanted to get then you have achieved just as much on a personal level. Stay humble and show your support to others.

Feel free to message me if you need any advice on what to do tomorrow!

Good luck, and remember that you are not defined by your grades!

Love as always,
Abigail x

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