On Wednesday 24th August I visited Haggerston Park with my mum for FriendsFest!

We had such an amazing time walking round and we only had to travel to Bethnal Green to get there. The tube was pretty empty where it was a Wednesday afternoon. Being one of the hottest days of the year I think people avoided public transport as much as possible anyway.

Our time slot was the first one available so we went straight to queuing up for our trip to Monica’s apartment. The staff were so helpful all day long – everyone we met was very enthusiastic and happy to help. Big thank you to everyone who took photos for us!

There was so much stuff to do in such a small space, so impressive. As huge fans, my mum and I took photos of absolutely everything (as I’m sure you can imagine).


central perk
Outside Central Perk!

ff signfriendsfest sign

monica apartment
Monica’s Apartment was so cool!!
monica moondance
We ate in Monica’s Moonshine Diner!
The stage entertainment was super fun!
rachel ross wedding
Ross and Rachel’s Wedding Chapel!
sofa scene
Recreating the opening sequence!
Getting our photo taken in front of a taxi!
ugly naked guy
Just checking up on Ugly Naked Guy!
umbrella scene
We had the umbrellas and everything! 

Would definitely recommend a visit if FriendsFest is coming to somewhere near you! Such a fantastic experience especially where we are such big fans!

Love as always,
Abi x

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