Benefits of Seeing Your Friends

I’ve spent a lot of time with my friends lately and have really found the benefits of it!

Most of my teenage years I spent forever making excuses or just flat out saying I wasn’t feeling going anywhere. I love my friends to pieces but I just always found social contact exhausting so I avoided it at all costs! But as I’m on the home run to being 20 I’ve suddenly found myself really enjoying going out and seeing my pals.


This post is just to share with everyone the benefits of spending time with your friends and why you should make time for them!

  1. Texting isn’t the same!
    Of course if you have a long distance friendship you don’t have much choice most of the time but if you live up the road from your friends you should be making time to see them.
  2. They’ll be honest with you!
    Your real friends will tell you the truth. They won’t sugar coat their advice and opinions on things even if it can be a bit brutal (like my advice, sorry guys). Bring up something you’re worried about or need advice on and they will be honest, especially in person!
  3. You can better yourself!
    Your friends know information that you don’t and vice versa. You can learn lots just from spending an hour with somebody. Whether it’s what’s going on in the news or a new beauty tip it’s worth listening to what your friends know and sharing what you know too.
  4. It boosts your mood!
    Whilst spending time with friends shouldn’t be a selfish thing, sometimes it has its personal benefits anyway. If you’re feeling down, calling somebody up to arrange a plan is a great idea because it gives you something to look forward to. If you can arrange in advance but last minute plans are always exciting too!
  5. Validation!
    Of course you should learn to be able to self-validate but having validation and acceptance from those closest to you is important. They don’t have to agree with all of your decisions but having somebody tell you you’re doing well or having a second opinion on something you had been doubting for a while is very helpful.


Look out for my next post on friendship, maybe I can do a friend date idea post? Let me know if you guys would enjoy that!

Love as always,
Abi xx

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