This feels different!

I haven’t written a post in a little while and I suppose you guys are fed up of me apologising for that so I shall not bother with an apology. Here is a November post to bore everyone!

I’ve got two essays due on Friday that I am trying to attempt. They should be okay. Scary that they’re worth 50% of each module though. I’ll be fine, it always works out in the end.

I’ve deactivated my social media accounts again so I’m pretty sure only those people with email notifications will even realise I’ve posted. That’s okay though. I don’t post with the intention of everyone in the world reading, just those who care about the updates on my life and/or those who find it somewhat helpful reading through the mundanity (what a good word) of it.

I’m listening to Bastille at the moment, occasionally glancing at the amount of tabs I have open in attempt to convince myself to stop procrastinating and do the damn essays.

Not much has happened lately for me to do the whole ‘update’ posts like I used to do. Just feel like I should talk for a bit really. If you follow me (or did, before I temporarily deactivated) on Instagram and pay attention to my post captions you’ll have noticed that I’ve started doing this almost diary entry thing on every post. Just a snapshot of what’s happened that day really or how I think I could marginally improve those reading it. I might start doing that here. They’re the kind of blogs I enjoy reading anyway.

Donald Trump?! I say not much has happened lately but yeah there was that. I’m not even that shocked in all honesty. I would do a whole post dedicated to the monstrosity that is the new POTUS but in all honesty I don’t think I’d ever stop typing. All I have to say on the matter right now is that we can’t allow ourselves to be desensitised to him. Don’t allow yourself to accept what he believes and wants for the world as normal because it’s not! I don’t have any advice other than that because as a small girl (quite tall actually but not the point) from England there is not much I can do to help. However if everyone thought like that nothing would be done would it?!

Set myself a 15 minute timer to write this post in so I wouldn’t spend too long away from my essay notes/planning/writing. I’ve decided to start celebrating small successes. For example if I wash my hair earlier in the day than I usually do I have a little mini ‘go me’ party. I figured that if everyone can celebrate their small successes then perhaps we’d feel more worthy. Just food for thought really aka I’m not doing my essay right now and I need to come up with ways of helping the world to make me feel as though I’m being productive.

I don’t have a voice at the moment. Wow that sounded deep didn’t it? I mean physically, I lost my voice. I had a cold and a cough and then it just progressed really. Last time this happened I was at uni away from home and ended up going to the nurse all on my own, remember that? Feels like a lifetime ago now.

(Timer is reading 3:04)

I feel as though there’s a different feel to this post compared to the other ones on this blog but I quite like it. I might start setting a 15 minute timer every time I feel like I want to post.

Suggestions are always welcomed on what anybody would like me to write about. I’m quite open to whatever you would like to read about. If not I shall continue this strange rhetoric about being positive.

I hope everybody isn’t too sad about the weather turning cold ever so quickly. Sending lots of warmth and positivity into everyone’s lives regardless of how much you need it!

Love as always,
Abi xx
(finished with 10 seconds to spare, how unlike myself)

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