Absolutely nothing of interest

(Featured image Henn Kim)

Essays all done so I’m back. Listened to Dodie’s new EP on repeat since last Thursday midnight…so technically Friday. She has such a pure voice – 10/10 would recommend. I’ve been so behind on all social media and general celebrity news but music wise I’m up to date. Have listened to The Weeknd’s new album which I am loving. Currently listening to The 1975 however for a little break in Dodie’s lil album.

I have no idea if you guys do the same but whenever I read somebody’s blog and they mention a song or an album I always go check it out. Even if I’ve heard the whole thing I go to it. Weird. Maybe it’s just me.

I’ve set a 15 minute timer again but I can go over this time I suppose. Don’t really have anything to do tonight. Might watch a film or maybe read. Realistically neither of those things will happen. Mum’s at her friend’s house tonight for Mistletoe and Wine night like the typical mum she is, how cute. Am v grateful for my family, not quite sure where/who I’d be without them.

(Listening to Antichrist if anyone is like me and wants a soundtrack to every blog post.)

Not sure where this blog is going really but I’m enjoying this whole lil update thing. Means I don’t spend forever thinking of something to write where I set a timer. Not like I have top quality content anyway. Just pointless updates that people seem to enjoy.

Can we just talk about how bitterly cold it’s gotten lately? I mean I know I’m British but come on. I mean I’m not complaining, I love this weather considering it allows me to wear jumpers and my scarf with the A on it (iconic). Just it was a bit of a shock considering not that long ago I’d be wearing…well I mean my wardrobe doesn’t really change that much.

I can’t wait for December. Lots of fun things are happening. Going to see The 1975 with Rose, Sophie’s coming home much earlier for Christmas than last year, hopefully doing something Christmassy with my mum. Just seems cosy.

Both of our dogs have their Christmas jumpers on and as soon as it hits 1st December I shall get mine out too. Quite looking forward to Christmas actually. Cute.

(Reminder – The Weeknd)

Keep thinking about Katy Perry bringing new music out you know. When is that happening?? I want her to tour asap, I miss her. Also where is Ed Sheeran at? He said Autumn 2016 but where is he? Ed, if you’re reading by any chance, come back please.

Have not stuck to the timer, I mean it’s got 3 and a half minutes left but I haven’t been typing for all of that time. I should write my essays on here, why have I never thought of that before?? Weird.

Popped to Romford today. All of the things I set out to achieve I either wasn’t successful or I forgot. I really should start making lists. Got a new bandana, because clearly I think I’m cool. Got some christmas cards. Nothing else interesting really. Completely embarrassed myself by asking the guy in HMV if they had the NME mag (even though I knew they stocked them, having checked the website more times than I have listened to Dodie’s EP) despite having just walked past them. I mean he won’t even remember the convo but you know me, I’ll think about little else for the next 3 years. Saw an old teacher as well, didn’t stop nor make eye contact, how awkward. Doubt she remembers me anyway.

I’m going to make this timed thing a featured thing on here I think. Exciting.

Photos to come tomorrow maybe!

Love as always,
Abi x

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