Be Bold For Change

International Women’s Day 2017.

Last year I gave recommendations for blogs and videos etc that women either in my life or in the public eye had created. Remember that? It was a whole year ago. This year I had several ideas on how to write this post but I decided on explaining what being a woman is to me.

Being a woman in 2017 means being bold. It means having a dream and being prepared to destroy anything in your way. It means ignoring all of the big scary men trying to stop us. It means talking about periods and our bodies without caring who we ‘offend’ or gross out. It means supporting your friends following their goals and telling them how much they mean to us. Support the women in your life. Don’t stop them in the same way men do. Don’t look down on them for what they’re wearing or what they look like. Listen to them in the way you want to be listened to.

I have friends and family in my life that I treasure but I also am part of this little group chat of my online pals. They’ve been such a lovely support system for well over a year. I’ve actually never met any of them in real life (pending guys!) but they’ve been there for me through so much. And likewise! I know that if at any time of the day I have a question or something is worrying me I can just ask them and someone will be around to chat. We’re a group of very different people and I’ll always be grateful for them.

Here are photos of the best women in my life.


I would’ve added a photo of my nan too but she hates having her photo taken!! In their own little ways I’ve learned so much about myself through them. I can be myself around these women (and lil ladies) and I love them with everything I have. I’m so lucky to have such positive role models in my life that I get to see all the time.

The woman I think we should all be celebrating today though is ourselves. Me! Be proud of the woman you have grown/are growing into. The world is working against us but we have to push back and show it everything we are. With all of the strong women we can show who really is boss in this world. Be proud of the you that you are. I know I am.

If 14 year old me could see how proud I am to be me I would’ve laughed. But you’ve got to be you! Be the most you that is possible! Show everyone exactly what your brain is like in all of its lovely glory. Wear what you like. Say what you want. Don’t apologise for taking up too much space – take it all! Make silly faces and make people take photos of you in the middle of the street. Here’s some pictures of me being the me that I am.

I hope that today and every day you celebrate the woman you are, I know I do!


Love as always,
Abi xxx

(Featured image source: tumblr)


One thought on “Be Bold For Change

  1. I love this post, I went through all my pictures to find a woman who inspires me and all my selfies popped up… I loved seeing the devleopment into the woman I am today and I too often think what 14 year old me would think of what I have become and how long it took me to get here 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!



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