End of March update! 

Honestly I do remember that I have a blog. I get emails from WordPress all the time or I look at the link to it in my bios all the time. I just forget to post. Or I start writing a post then it loses all hope of ever being published. This one is being written with the absolute definite intent of being posted though so here you are – a present from me to you.When did my writing get so sarcastic? Who knows?
Thought I’d just give you a little insight to everything I’m doing right now and what’s coming up. I used to do this all the time when I was at uni last year – where this blog started. I started off doing updates on my life then got carried away thinking I was a world class journalist talking about all sorts. But I’m back and I’m better.

I finish uni for this year in two weeks – how crazy is that? April starts next week!! The first part of this year has zoomed past and I feel like the older I get the more I say that. Maybe it’s an age thing – I say at my grand age of twenty. Maybe when I’m forty (did not know how to spell that, thanks spellcheck!) I’ll still be updating this blog with how my kids are doing and how life’s treating me. I always wonder where my blog or even more so where my social media will end up. Eventually it’ll all die down or something else will be bigger than Facebook. Such a weird thought.

So what’s going on in my life? Well, Sophie’s home from uni for a bit so I imagine I’ll see her soon with Jas. Rose and I are going to two concerts in April – Rationale and Dua Lipa. Rationale was Bastille’s support act last year and Dua Lipa is in the charts so I’m sure you guys know who she is. I’m going to see Rose and Rosie (YouTubers) with Sophie in a few weeks too – SO EXCITED. Going to visit Leigha at some point soon too – I don’t even know if she knows this yet but Easter is coming so if you’re reading this please expect a visit!

I wrote an article for Kettle Mag and I have (as of today) become their LGBT editor!! Woo! Am super excited about the whole thing. Do let me know if you want to write for us or have any questions about the whole thing!! 

Guys have you seen ‘Get Out’ the new film?? It’s so good – please go and watch it. It’s a horror, well it’s a psychological thriller I wouldn’t quite say horror though it does have some jumpy bits in it and if you’re anything like me you’ll spend the entire film trying to nervously laugh your way through the tense parts. But it’s worth watching! I really want to watch Power Rangers which is coming out/has come out – please let me know if you liked it if you’ve seen it!!

I may make a pathetic comeback to YouTube so I suppose watch out for that. Though I suppose with YouTube’s new filter I should be boycotting…

Links below to potential things you might want to read after reading this pointless update on my life!

Love as always,

Abi x



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