Love Happens Here

A few weeks ago the theme for Pride in London 2017 was announced.

With only 100 days until the Parade through Trafalgar Square, I’ve started to get excited! I’ve already booked the weekend off of work so I can fully appreciate it! Did someone say super gay?

My first pride event was in 2015. I went with a group of friends and we were blown away to see just how many people came together to celebrate LGBT+ rights. The stage in Trafalgar Square was full with different acts, and on a sunny day with a drink in hand it was the best entertainment.

Pride in 2016 was boycotted by a lot of people I would imagine with it being only a few weeks after the Orlando shooting. It had a heavy feel to the beginning of the day as it was definitely playing on my mind. Lots of people told me to watch out and to be careful at the event and the surrounding areas but I wanted to go to show my support. Sadiq Khan had been Mayor of London less than 2 months and he made a speech that blew everybody away. He showed his support and having our first Muslim mayor come to support LGBT+ rights was definitely a moment for everybody to remember. It meant a lot that despite what people think, regardless of your religion and background you can be a supporter for equal rights. 

This year I plan on making it even more enjoyable! There will definitely be some coverage on Kettle Mag, maybe I’ll even do a vlog!!

Is anyone planning to go London Pride? Or any other Pride events happening around the world? 

Love as always,

Abigail x

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