Happy July!

Hi pals, happy July!

Wasn’t the weather so nice! All 5 minutes of it anyway!

Florence from Gymnastics!
Florence in the sun on the way home from gymnastics!

I got ridiculously sunburnt last week after laying around in Hyde Park with Rose. The weather is sort of rubbish again now so perhaps I don’t need to be in any hurry to be buying any sun cream. What’s the weather looking like for Amsterdam in August?!
Rose and me with cider in park!                   Me and Rose in Hyde Park!


In 32 days I’m going with Rose on what will be our first holiday together! I’m super excited and we’ve already been looking at different places to eat (seemingly impossible for a picky vegetarian) and what we can do there. The Anne Frank house is booked as is the hotel and I am beyond excited honestly it’s all I think about.

Rose has found this food place called Getto food or something and she can’t wait to get cocktails there. Every Wednesday they have Burger Queens night and coincidentally we’re there on a Wednesday so we will probably check it out – blog post pending!

I’ve gotten back into reading for pleasure again lately. I used to read so much when I was younger but then exams came in and I just sort of lost my reading bug. But I’ve started up again now. I read Night Owls by Jenn Bennett and Butter by Erin Lange. They’re quite different books but both YA fiction. I would definitely recommend them both!

TV-wise I’m currently hooked on two very different shows. The first being Ackley Bridge (on channel 4) which is about a school in Yorkshire where at its heart lie cultural differences and integration in schools. There’s also a fair share of love triangles, sexuality struggles, family difficulties and teenage parenting. I reluctantly say it’s a bit like Waterloo Road but in my opinion a bit more original than everyone being white school kids kicking up a fight every five minutes. The second show I love right now is Glow, a Netflix original set in 1985 about female wrestlers. Does not sound like my cup of tea but once you start watching it you’ll see the relationships between the women develop (and get sour). Lots of representation within it as you see that not every woman is white, straight and conventionally ‘pretty’ – though the main character is but we’re working on it…PROGRESS AM I RIGHT?!

Got lots of fun things coming up! Next week is PRIDE. Can you believe I’ve been excited and non-stop talking about it since January and the time has finally come?! I have no idea what I’m going to wear yet but I CAN’T WAIT!

Tottenham Court Road rainbow tube sign!Oxford Circus tube sign rainbow! and Rose!






Pride sign in Starbucks!


Just some cakes I made recently! And by ‘I made’ I mean I had a heavy input but other people did it all helped! Rose has finished her exams now so we went to celebrate with some cocktails in the Slug & Lettuce in Leicester Square before seeing Beautiful Thing at Prince Charles cinema.

Maybe this summer I’ll get back into blogging and then I might be able to actually call myself a blogger again hey?!

Love as always, Abigail x

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