Summer Bummer

It’s 7 days until Rose and I go on our first holiday and to say I’m excited is probably the understatement of the century. I can’t wait to pack my little suitcase (a hand luggage size one only considering a) I’m only going for 5 days and b) I’m not Richard Branson to be paying for hold luggage). We’ve even planned where we’re eating at the airport and allsorts. It’s the first time Rose will have been on an aeroplane and I’m so excited to see how she reacts to being in the air – I find I quite strange.

But this post for once isn’t going to be about me and whatigotuptointhelasthoweverlongsinceilastposted. It’s going to be about the summer.

Twins CUTE

The summer is such a good time don’t you think? Even if you work full time and don’t get the privilege of having time off like students and people who work in a school do, there’s still an element of a break. The weekends during July and August are always packed with fun things to do whether it’s a festival or an open event in London. There’s even a beach at Stratford! You can get a wristband for the day or pay for each ride in the amusement park nearby. There’s even a beach bar.

Florence Summery Jumpsuit

I love the music that gets released just before summer starts and even though the Summer Anthem of 2017 will be at Number One for most of the rest of the year, the rest of the songs are always so good! They’re dancey and fun and I usually look forward to listening to the radio and enjoying the sun. Lana Del Rey released her album and one of my favourite songs on there is called Summer Bummer which you should definitely check out.

Rose SNOG Bus

When I was at secondary school I thought about breaking up for summer from approximately the second day of term…in September. Not that I particularly disliked school I just hated the whole getting up early routine thing. I guess nothing has really changed there. I loved the freedom of being able to sit and watch TV with my family without feeling guilty about not doing any school work. Isn’t it sad that the system makes kids feel like that?

You know what I don’t like about summer though? The fact I suddenly have to stop wearing jumpers and fluffy socks and oh my god the hayfever. It burns. My eyes water and I live in one continuous battle between ugly face holding it all in and sneeze fit from March until September. I’ve tried hayfever tablets but they never seem to work and I’ve tried eye drops but they’re TERRIFYING. Watching a droplet of unknown substance fall into my eyeball makes my heart beat SO FAST just typing it. I don’t think I’ll ever have a good enough treatment for how much hayfever affects my life during the summer. I still go to parks and sit on the grass though as I will not be beaten.

I also hate how unpredictable the weather actually is? Like yesterday was really raining, absolutely pouring down. Today I need the fan on at least number 2 to be able to function without sweat patches forming at the speed of light. I wish I could ditch the winter clothes for a while and then bring them back when it’s time but sometimes I still need to wear something warm in case the weather decides it’s not fancying shining the sun anymore and goes back to gloomy skies and weather channel lies.

So maybe I don’t like summer all that much. I do much prefer the winter where I can wear a jumper and a coat and a scarf oh god I miss my scarf. I used to wear a pink one with an A on it that now I keep for special occasions but for Christmas, Rose bought me a new one and I literally would not take it off until it was time for bed. It’s my favourite thing and I’m really looking forward to being able to wear it again. At the moment I’m struggling to find some nice but cheap sunglasses so if anyone has any ideas do hit me up. I much prefer shopping for winter wear.

I hope everyone has the best summer despite hayfever and the weird storms that keep happening. Keep hydrated and your suncream topped up! I’ll be back soon with some suggestions on what you can do in the summer!

Love as always,
Abigail xxx

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